2009  Lopchin   Expedition  to the Kangri Garpo Mountains 本文へジャンプ

Ruoni 6882m Lopchin6805m KG-3 6726m   Gongyada6482m
Aerial picture

Panorama sketch : West side view of thewhole range
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1.Overview: Kangri Garpo Mountains

Map: Outline
  an identification report of 47 unclimbed peaks
A peak identification study of the Kangri Garpo and the Nyaiqentanglha West mountains

Ata Glacier 3-Sisters: Ruoni, Lopchin,KG-3 (from Dema La)

2 The first ascent of Lopchin Feng 6805m

Lopchin 6805m

Ruoni Feng 6882m
Sun-rise & Moon set

Lopchin from Camp-1 
Watching attack at C1
Yuhe Kangri 6327m
Shana & Ata Kangri

3 Articles (English and Japanese)
1) November 2007 Ata Glacier reconnaissance
Mr. Takeru Yamada had led the party to the Ata Glacier, Kangri Garpo Range. He had found possible route to KG-2 (Lopchin Feng 6805m) instead of the route to the top of Ruoni, which is the highest peak of Kangr Garpo Mountains.
2) Glacier_receding_of_the-Ata-Glacier
ACKU (The Alpine Club of Kobe University) sent expedition parties to the Ata Glacier in 2002, 2003, 2007 qnd 2009. They had good opportunity to survey the change of the glacier. The glacier was apparently shulinking . The climate change of the region affected dramatic receding of the ice.
3)Detail study of Kangri Garpo Mountains

Pictures and Maps of the Kangri Garpo Mountains provide identification of the peaks. Many persons who were visiting this range provided many informations and pictures to identify peaks.
4) 未知の山群を探る(Peak identification: Japanese)

 山座同定の詳細 (ACKU News 37 38 39 掲載)
5) 初登頂 Lopchin Feng 6805m Presentation
報告会などで発表したPowerpoint presentation
6) 登頂記: 近藤隊員 2009年11月7日
7) 「兵庫人---2010年発行、神戸新聞の記事から活躍した人を掲載
4 Expedition Members
Profile of Members
 10 Chinese and 7 Japanese