Sherpi Kangri 1974 本文へジャンプ
The First Expedition to teh Karskorum
The Alpine Club of Kobe University
Attempt to Sherpi Kangri-Ⅱ-7003m
Sherpi Kangri 7380m
from the Base Camp in 1974. and Tempolary Base Camp in 1976 (4450m)

Climbing route map of Sherpi Gang Glacier 1974 and 1976

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  • The altitudes of the map has been reviewed by the auther using new data of Satelite technology.
  • Each camp heights are reviced by the new data from the expedition report book.
  • 本地図は2020年現在入手可能なGoogle Earth などの最新情報により作製したもので1974年、1976年時代と標高などが異なる。
Climbing report of the expedition in 1974
The party in 1974 had 8 Japanese Members, a liaison officer and 7 high-porters.
June 28, 1974 the party depurtured Rwalpindi by a track to the Indus River road to Skardu. They Arrived in Skardu on 1st of July, then rearranged SUVs and went forward to Khaplu.
 On July 6th, the caravan with 7 high porters and 93 porters started with 2500kg load to the mountain acrossed Shyok River by zaak.

+Climbing report 1974 (Japanese) ☞
+Climbing report AAJ 1975
Photos of the expedition in 1974

Main Peak from Sheri La 5930m 
Sherpi Kangri 7380m
from Khor Kondus
Saltoro Kangri 7742m
from NE-ridge 6500m
The highest point
to be madein 1974
Ghent & Sherpi Kangri Ⅱ
(Picturein 1976)
NE-ridge_climbing (6300m)
Rimo : remote view
from NE-ridge
Abend Rot
Saltoro Kangr Camp2i
3rd Ice Fall
Sherpi Kanghri
Rock & Saltoro Kangri
from Karmading

Khor Kondus Rocks
Teramsher Glacier
from Sherpi La
West Glacier
between BC and C1

KhorKondus wall 
Saltoro-DongDong P

4th Icefall 

Progres of the expedition
July 11 : TBC settlement
July 17 : Base Camp  4450m establshment
July 21 : Camp-1
July 28 : Camp-2
August 6 : Camp-3 5930m Sherpi La
August 11 : Final attempt to Sherpi Kangri Ⅱ 7003m
 Climbed the North-east ridge and reached 6500m
August 21 : Base Camp closed
August 26 : Return to Khaplu
August 39 : Arrival in Skardu
Repot & Essay
1. Expedition Diary 1974 (by Tim Inoue :Japanese)
 Diary-1974-6-16--30  Diary-1974-7-1--31
 Diary-1974-8-1--31  Diary-1974-9-1--21