Sherpi Kangri 1976 本文へジャンプ
The 2nd Kobe University Karakorum Expedition
The first ascent of Sherpi Kangri 7380m

 At 4:15 A.M. on August 10 1976, Inoue and Ogata left Camp III (6900m) and reached the summit (24,212 feet 7380m) at 9: 15. The weather was perfect and they could see all of the Karakoram.

Sherpi Kangri 7380m from Khor Kondus Village

Report of the expedition
* American Alpine Jornal 1975 and 1977 report
1974: We abandoned our plan to climb the south and west ridges. Remaining possibility was to follow the main stream of the Sherpi Gang Glacier and to reach the Sherpi-La 5930m . The final attempt to Sherpi Kangri-2 was done to the 6500m elevation on the south-east ridge.

North-east face of Sherpi Kangri

Peak Identification of Karakorum East
Peak identification on picures taken from many areas.

Siachen peaks
Saltoro-Sherpi f.Rimo

f.BC-bak hill
Teram group


The Haw
k-Teram Kangri 
Teram Kangri

Rimo and
Teramshehr Gl. 

Progres of the expedition 1976
* Album of the expedition 01
:* Album of the expedition02 (Japanese)

 June 16 Start caravan from Khaplu
 June 23 Khorkondus : caravan end
 June 30 Set up Base Camp
 July 7 Set up ABC
 July 12 Set up C1
 July 23 Set up C2
 August 9 Set up C3 (attack camp)
 August 10 Summit push
 August 15 Return to BC
 August 22 Return to Khaplu

Sherpi Kangri from Kaberi Gl

Summit on 10th August

Members of the expedition 1976
All member at Base Camp
With porters at Base Camp

Kazumasa Hirai
Leader 44 
Toshiho Tanaka[
Sub leader 36

Nobuhiro Okamoto
Doctor 31

Masatoshi Tsurutani

Masao Nakamura 29

Tatsuo Inoue 28

Shunji Ogata 27

Yoshiharu Kimoto 26 
 Chiharu Itani 25  Kazuhide Hiroishi 22
Asad Ullah Jan Mir
Liaison officer 28

Reference : Activities : Essay

1. Diary : Tastuo Inoue (Japanese) 遠征日記 井上達男
 Diary 1976-5-10--5-31 Diary 1976-6-1--6-30 Diary 1976-7-1--7-31
 Diary 1976-8-1--8-31 Diary 1976-9-1--9-11
2. Reportof the summit push ; by Tastuo Inoue (Japanese)登頂記
3. Activity chart 1976 個人行動表
4. 1976年第二次カラコルム遠征隊報告 (百周年記念誌原稿)
5. 緒方と登ったシェルピカンリ: 緒方俊治追悼 (百周年記念誌原稿)